Detoxifying For Proper Fat Loss

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Some experts suggest that there is a reason why some people just can't seem to lose weight. If you're one of them, it may at least in part be because you've built up toxins in your body.

When you lose weight, the fat cells in your body are metabolized. And when that happens, fat cells are broken down and toxins previously stored there are released into your body once again. That means that when you lose weight, you release a large amount of toxins into your bloodstream all once.

Toxins come into our bodies in a number of ways, from sources like pesticides, air pollution, impurities in our food and water, and so on. The toxins can negatively affect your body in a number of ways:

1. Toxins can damage the mitochondria in the body. The mitochondria are "energy powerhouses," and their job is to produce energy in the cells. Mitochondria also convert fat into energy when they are in muscle tissue and in the liver.

2. Toxins can also cause thyroid hormone levels to drop. The thyroid hormones regulate your basic metabolic rate and help keep it running smoothly. Most often, they are partially responsible for fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

3. Toxins may also block the effects of a hormone called leptin. Leptin sends a signal to your body that tells you you're full. If leptin isn't functioning properly, you may begin to eat or continue eating even knowing you've had enough to eat and would not be hungry under normal circumstances. If you don't have enough leptin available in your system, you may overeat and gain weight.

Unfortunately, when you lose weight, you can actually contribute to an overweight problem if you've got a lot of toxins in your system. When your fat cells are metabolized as you diet, you can release a lot of toxins in your bloodstream, which may actually cause your metabolism to slow down. This can make it even harder to lose weight, especially if you're already cutting calories, because that slows your metabolism naturally in that respect. This means that you can get into a vicious cycle of trying to work against your own metabolism (usually unsuccessfully) so that you can lose weight.

However, detoxifying your body can help you avoid this problem and still lose weight. Many herbs and vitamins can help you clear the toxins from your system, and a daily sauna session of just 15 minutes will not only help reduce the toxins in your body, but may also help you lose weight.

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Detoxifying For Proper Fat Loss

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This article was published on 2010/04/01